Adding an Event

Here are step-by-step instructions for adding a new event to the system

From the "Events" tab, click the "Add Event" button.

From here you can choose to create the event from scratch, copy another event from this year or copy one from a previous year (you are shown a list to select from). We will start from scratch:

The next screen asks for: the name of the race, if you will be using the RMS system for on-line registration and scoring?, will it appear on the public calendar?, is it a weekend or twilight race?, is it a handicapped system race (ex. PHRF), one design, pursuit or junior race?

Make your selections and click "Next"

Enter the date of the race, the start time and the number of races planned for the event.

Choose how you want users to access the race information and registration. If you have an organizational website, you can choose the second option and then be provided links to the registration, scratch sheet and results pages in the RMS system for this event. The default is to have all this accessible directly on the RMS system using a page we will create for this event.

In the above screen, you can enter your organization's website address, upload a logo for this event (we will use your organization's logo if you don't provided one here), you can also upload the race NOR and Sailing Instructions (in .PDF format) here.

The next step will be the fleet structure. in this example since it is a PHRF race, you will shown a generic PHRF fleet split which you can edit to fit your needs. Slect the "Generic PHRF" split and then click the "Copy" button to be taken to the fleet split editor (below):

Change the name of the split to something fitting your event (or organization). Alter the structure to fit your event using the buttons supplied. Change the upper and lower rating limits for each fleet. When you have completed the customization, click "Done".

The next step (above) will be setting the registration start date, end date and any late fee dates. You will also set the entry fee and late fee for the event, any discount options and contact (mailing) info. NOTE: This mailing address will be used as the one given to registrants paying via check (if allowed).

The next screen (above) contains more options for the race.

Since this is a PHRF race, you can pick which ratings to accept for registered boats. Selecting the "PHRFNE" option means that if the RMS system has a current rating record on file from PHRF New England for a boat in our system, we will use that. "PENDING" allows a boat owner to supply a rating manually during the registration process.

The next two screens deal with liability waivers. First you can select to require that registrants acknowledge a waiver or not. if so, you can choose to use one of the generic waivers provided or make a copy and edit one of your own.

To create a new waiver, simply select one to start with from the list and click "Copy". The next screen will be the online waiver editor.

Edit the existing text or copy and paste in new text from another source. make sure that you give it a new name and then click the "Done" button to save it.

If there is a skipper's meeting, this is where you would put the details.

The above page is where ou would define additional items to be sold along with the registration. We will cover this in more detail in another page.

The above page is for customizing various forms and reports. You can add additional headings to the ones shown above.

The above form lets you customize the email message that gets sent to each payor.

IF this event is ready to be publiched to the RMS Event Calendar, click the "Yes" option and then click "Next". You are done!