Navigating the Admin Functions

Here are some quick tips on how to navigate and find your way around the various admin functions in the RMS system:

The first step is to log into the system as an administrator: Click on the "Admins" menu item to access the login screen

Enter the email address and password that you registered with and click "Log In". Use the "Forgot Password" button if you can't remember your password.

NOTE: This is NOT the same email / password combination as your user profile. If you are a new admin, the default password is your email address. You will be prompted for a permanent password after you successfully login.

Once you are logged in, select the organization you are working from your list of authorized organizations. Most admins will have only one organization listed but some are authorized for more than one. You can also optionally select the year that you want to access (the default is always the current year). You will then be taken to the main admin "dashboard". This screen will show a snapshot of items that your organization has going on in the system. You can also access tools such as the log of email messages sent out from your organization and if there has been recent activity (registrations, etc.) you will see a list of them at the bottom of the page.

The admin tools are divided up into tabbed sections which represent the main functional areas within the system. In turn, some of these (like Events (see below), Passes, Members) also have sub-menus with their own tabbed sections. Click on any of the tab headings to access the functions for that section. The "Payments" section will give you a summary your organization's finances with regards to all events handles by RMS (we will cover this in more detail in another page). The "Users" tab is for controlling access to the admin tools. The "Org Settings" tab is for setting up specific organizational features such as the organization's name, logo, how you want to be paid, and more (we will cover these in more detail on another page). The "My Settings" tab is for specific settings for your admin account.

To log out of the admin tools, simply click on the "Log Out" link at the top of the page.