Why is marking payments by check as "PAID" so important?

There are several instances when you will get a message the you have at least one Entry, Membership or other items not marked as paid.   These messages come up when you are prevented from doing something like moving race results to final or requesting the full balance of your funds.  You maybe wondering why this matters to the system.  You already have the money from the skipper since he paid directly by check, cash or club charge why do you have to go through the extra step.

Let us try to explain why:

One unique feature of our registration system is that our system remembers skipper and boats from registration to registration.  The second time a skipper enters a regatta they do not have to supply information about themselves and their boat,  unless is has changed some how.
In addition, a skipper can register for multiple regattas at the same time and pay for them all at once using a credit card or pay each organization by check, cash or if that organization accept it Club Charges. Once they have registered for an event it shows up in their shopping cart as seen below.

So lets say in this example Joe Sailor writes a check to BSCYC for $10.00 and mails it in.  You as the administration for BSCYC get the check and deposit thinking you are done.

Some time later......  Joe Sailor is ready to sign up for the MBSA Awards Dinner.  Joe goes through the registration process, very easy because all of his information is in the system.   When he gets to his cart and is ready to pay he sees this screen:

Joe is very confused,  first he thinks maybe he forgot to pay BSCYC, then he spends 3 hours looking for his online banking password so he can see if his check cleared.  He finally finds it and sees the check has cleared.   Now he is mad at you the BSCYC administrator,  thinking you cashed his check but didn't record him as paid.  Finally he finds the first available email address(usually and sends a nasty gram, about this situation.  

Through all that the real loser is MBSA who never got paid for the dinner because Joe was focused on an old purchase that just never got recorded completely.

One additional thing doesn't happen if you don't mark them as paid.   When a item is marked as paid in our system, a email is generated with information about the item.  Two example of this:

The good news in all this is in 2014 more than 80% of the transaction run through Regatta Management Systems were paid by Credit Card, which by it's nature eliminates this whole issue.  Some organizations have even made it a policy to only take payments through credit cards online.  For information on this go to How To - Select Allowable Payment Methods

So please mark your cash and check payments as paid in our system in a timely manner. 

The Regatta Management Solutions Team