Scoring - New Smarter version of the Complete Button.

Most scorers have run into the issue of forgetting to check the Complete button on the grey Fleet/Class header bar. The complete button tells the scoring software whether or not a particular fleet/class actually ran this particular race. This is particularly important to multi-race events where is it possible that one class/fleet may do more races in than another. It has effects on calculating excluded races and more.

Starting in scoring version_9 the complete button (Yes or No) has been replaced by a status button with 4 possible values:

Not only does the new implementation have more states that the previous complete button, it also makes an guess form the current race data what the status of that fleet/class is. For example, if the start time of the race is in the future the race is put in the Not Started Status. If it is after the start time and boats are checked in the status is put to started. Once all the checked in boats have either a finish time/place or a Score Code the race is put in Finished Status. Like most data entry decision RMS scoring makes automatically, the status of a race can be overridden by the scorer.

For most races the mapping of the status to whether a particular fleet/class is shown on the user view of the results page is simple. Only those in the Finish status will be shown. To say it another way Finished is equivalent to the old Complete = Yes. All other statuses are Complete=No.

There is one new exception to the mapping described above. We also have implemented a new feature designed for long distances races like the Newport Bermuda race. The feature allows the posting of results directly from the In Process Tab. Below you can see the set up question on the Event Setup -> Scoring Page. Turning this on directs the scoring software to consider fleets/classes in the Started status to show on the user results. In addition, boats not yet finished are shown on the results but do not have any thing (eg DNF) in there place column.