Embedded Images in Emails

Embedding images directly in emails can be hit or miss depending on what email client is being used at the other end.  Some email clients handle embedded images better than others.  That being said, here is one way to do it in the RMS system:

First, you need to upload the image to our server that you want to use in an email. This image will be stored and can be used again in the future:

Second, compose the email that will use one of these images:

At the point where you wish to imbed the image, click the "Insert/Edit Image" button (see image).

Insert Image

In the pop-up dialog, click the "Image List" pulldown and select the file that you previously uploaded (NOTE: this is where the description from the upload step comes in).

Choose Image

The file source, width & height will be filled in automatically.

press Save to insert the image

complete the message and Send