Scoring - Showing "Live" results during race event

If you wish to show results while a race is still being run, use the following steps:

I: Setting up the event:

In the Event Setup tab, click the "Scoring" link:

Make sure that the option labeled: "Enable the ability to Publish Results before all boats have finished?" is set to "YES"

NOTE: Setting this to YES tells the scoring software to show fleets/classes that are in the Race Status: Started.  Also any boats not yet finished in these fleets/classes will be not be scored as DNF yet.  They will just have a blank Finish Time and/or Finish Place.

II During the race:

*** Important Note: You MUST be using ver 9 of the scoring program. If it isn't showing "V9.", click the blue gear icon and select version 9.

Once a race is "In Process", you can post the "Live" results by clicking on the green "Post Live" button. You will get a confirmation dialog box, just click "Yes".

This will create a current view of the race results for public viewing.

Please note: If there is a current version of results already posted, you will also see a button labeled: "Delete Pub. Results". Clicking this will erase the public results file (in case you no longer want it viewable).