Marking Entries as Paid

It is very important that you mark items as paid in a timely fashion. Here is a quick How-To:

From the main admin "dashboard", you will see any unpaid items that need attention (in red under the Not Paid column). To address these, simply click on the red number.

You will then be shown a list of the unpaid items of that category (Events, Memberships, etc.). To mark these items as paid, simply click on the "N" under the "Paid" column of the report.

In this example, Joe Sailor has two event items that are not paid but for which he has sent in a check. You would then simply click on the "Check" payment method, enter the check number and any optional notes regarding this payment and then click the "Submit Payment" button. That's it.

**Note: If this is a partial payment, say for only one of the items above, you would click on the checkbox under the "Pay" column for the item NOT being paid to remove the check mark. This item will not be included in this payment.