Create Custom Rating for boat

To create a custom rating for a boat without a current certificate, follow these steps:

From the Fleets tab, click the red "N" under the "Rat OK" column for the boat in question

You will then be taken to the boat rating tools. Sometimes a boat will have existing ratings from prior years that match the rating system being used but they are not valid for this race because the rating is expired. In this case, you can "copy" the rating and use it for this race. **Note: ratings that appear highlited in green are valid for this race. If you see one that shows in green, simply return to the Fleets tab and this rating will be there.

If no ratings appear or none are usable, click the "Create New Rating for this Regatta" button:

This will pop-up the rating editor dialog. Here you have many options for creating a new rating:

(A) - You can simply enter the Spin & Non-SPin rating manually and then hit the Submit button

(B) - You can pull up a list of boats on file that have ratings and pick one that most closely matches the one you are rating. You can event adjust the rating by a percentage number.

Clicking Submit will generate the rating to be used. This can be edited at any time using the "Edit" gutton on the page shown below.

Once the "Please Wait" spinner stops, the screen will go back to the list of rating sfor the boat. The new rating will appear highlited in green. Click the "Return to the Event Menu" button to be returned to the Fleets tab.