Setting Up / Updating Membership Types

When you click on the Organization's "Members" tab AND you have activated one of the RMS membership plans **, you will be sent to the member admin page (below).
This will show you a current list of your organization's members (You can also select to view previous year's or a combination using the filter selections shown).

** There are varying levels of membership tools. The list of features available can be found on the Support / About RMS page.

You can also use the EXPORT button at the bottom (or the export link above the member list) to export the displayed members list to a .CSV file
which can be imported to MS:Excel or other spreadsheet. You can also send an email to all the members listed using the email link above the list OR you
can email individual members using the email link next to that members name.

Creating / Changing a Member Type:

By clicking on the "Member Setup" tab, ou can create new members types, change existing types or update general membership settings (ex. Welcome message,
payment message, membership levels, etc.)

To add a new membership type, click on the green "Add...." button. To edit an existing type, use the blue "Edit..." buttons provided for
each type shown.

When adding a new type, you will be asked to either create a new type from scratch or make a copy of an existing type that you had already

From this point, adding or editng a membership type is the same process. The next screen is for basic info about the type (name, description, etc.)

The next screen is used to specify what, if any, events or other pre-defined items are to be included with this membership.

The next screen is where you specify the dates that this membership covers, when you can start registering, resgistration deadlines, fees
and discounts.

This concludes the membership setup process. If you are ready to make it available to your members, make sure the select "YES" to the
last question.

General Setup Options:

Other general setup options an be done from the main membership page. The first is what text will be shown on the welcome page that RMS
provides for each organization using the membership tools.

Another option that can be set is the message that will be emailed to a member when they complete payment for a new membership or a renewal. The
screen for that is similar to that of the welcome message (above).

The "Publish and Link details" page will contain useful links (URL's) regarding membership-related items available to you and your organization. These can be published in your organization's website
if you have one, sent to members in an email or a newsletter, etc.