Changing Org Payment Method

Regatta Management Solutions offers a couple of options for getting your funds from registrations, etc from our system to your organization's account.
These options are currently: by check mailed to your organization or designated recipient and direct trnsfer from our account to your organization's bank account.

** The direct bank transfer offers a number of advantages, the main one being time. Once setup and verified, the transfer of money is quicker with this method than by check. There
is also a larger fee for payment by check.

The following are the steps to set up or change your payment method on the RMS system.

1) Log into the RMS system Admin section.

2) Go to your "Org Settings" tab for your orgainzation and select the "Payments" link.

3) If you haven't yet set a method for getting your money from RMS, you will see a screen like the one below. Use the "Select" button
to choose a payment method.

3a) If you do already have a method set up (PayPal or Check), It will tell you which one you have and give you the option of changing it. You will see a "Change" button instead of a "Select" button.

4) Once you click the "Select" button (or Change), you will be shown your available options for payment. Please click on the method you wish to use.

5a) If you choose "Bank Transfer" and you do not currently have a Stripe account** on file, you will see the above screen. You will enter the name that's on the bank account for this organization. Indicate whether this is an idividual's account or a corporate/organizational account.Depending on which type of account you select, you will be required to supply different information. (For banking account info, see the image below for hints on where to find that information). If you do already have an account but it requires additional information for verification, you will see an update form with the required fields instead of this entire form.

** PLEASE NOTE: Since this information is being used by Stripe to verify the account information we ask that it be filled out by an authorized representative of the organization or the account holder depending on whether it's an indivdual or corporate account.

*** PLEASE NOTE: This information is used strictly by Stripe to verify the account information. None of this information is stored on the RMS system.

6a) Once you have entered all the required information, click the "Submit Info" button. If the informaiton supplied is valid, you will be sent an email and a screen will appear with instructions explaining the verification process and what actions to take next.


5b) If you choose "Check" as the method, you will see this next screen. You must enter the Full name (either organization name or designated person ) and mailing address to which the check should be made out and mailed to and then press "Submit Check Info"..