Changing Org Settings

Clicking the "Org Settings" tab will bring you to a menu-based page that breaks down the various organizational settings into sections:

The first section, "Website, Links, Contacts & Logo" is shown below:

As you can see, it contains the basic name, website, contact info plus useful link info in case you want to link to some of the RMS pages directly from your own website. You an also upload an organizational logo from this page using the "upload" button. To make changes, simply type them in and click the "UPDATE" button of click "NEXT' to get update and go to the next section. If you wish to exit without making changes, click "Exit Setup".

The next section, "Payments", is where you can specify how you wish to get paid for events, etc. AND how you wish to receive your money from RMS.

The choices for how you wish registrants to pay for events, passes, memberships, etc are: Online via credit card (collected by RMS using our credit card processor - Stripe) OR by check/cash directly to your organization OR in some cases, your organization can opt to allow payment by one of your club members using their club membership number. (Please Note: we collect but do not verify this number. The admin must do that prior to marking the item as paid).

The choices for how to get your credit card payments from RMS to your organization are: via direct bank transfer or via check mailed to your organization. Please note the various fees involved for each method. You may choose either method using the "Change" button on the screen.

The next section show above is for selecting and creating liabilty waivers that can be used during the registration process for your various events. You can copy and edit some generic samples that are provided or create your own. We cover this in more detail on another help page.

The final section is for defining optional menu items for your organization's web page on the RMS system. If your organization has it's own website, then this section can be ignored. Otherwise, you can choose to show your membership roster (if you use our membership feature), your organization's officers (with optional contact info), and other additional menu links that can point to documents or other helpful info (NOTE: these items must be in .PDF format and uploaded to the RMS server).

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