Photo Links Feature

An optional feature for events allows the organizers to post links to external photo galleries on the event information page provided by RMS.
These galleriy links can be to photo sites created by the event organizers or links sent to them via a contact form provided on the photo links page.

PLEASE NOTE that RMS does not host these galleries, only the links to them. The galleries must reside on an external photo sharing site
(ex. Snapfish,Flickr, etc.) or other website.

1) Activating the feature and adding links:

To activate the feature, go to the Event Setup tab for your event and click the "Webiste Interaction" link. You will see a Yes/No option for the "Event Photo Page".
Simply select Yes to turn it on or No to turn it off.

Selecting "Yes" will cause a link to appear on your Event Information Page that RMS provides. PLEASE NOTE: if in the above webiste interaction page, you chose not to use RMS to host the event information, none of this applies.

To add or delete links, go to the Documents tab for the event and click on the "Add/Update Photo Links" link at the bottom.

If you have existing photo links, they will appear on the initial page (example below). You can delete existing links using the "Delete" button. For now, if you need to make a change to a link, you must first delete it and then add it again.

To add a link, simply click the "Add A Link" button, fill in the form provided and click "Add".

2):Viewing links and getting links from outside sources:

When you activate this feature and you use RMS to host your informaiton page, a new link: "Photo Gallery" will appear on the event info page. Clicking this link will bring up a list of links to external photo sites added by the event organizers (eample below).

Notice the "Contact Event Organizers" button. This is how a person can send a photo link to the event administrators via email. The admins can then decide whether or not to include the link on the event page. Links are NOT automatically added. The content of the links should ALWAYS be viewed first by the Event organizers before being included.