The Course Editing Tool

In this updated version, the map of the course now appears on the same page as the course mark list.

NOTE: You can use the "SHOW MAP"/"HIDE MAP" button to make the map appear or be hidden.

All preset marks for area are displayed as open circles and the "used" presets are shown as see-thru orange circles with the orange line with arrows running in order from mark to mark.  drop marks, Start, Finish and other mark types are represented by the icons shown in the legend above the chart.

Basically, there are two methods for adding preset marks to the course:

Method 1: Click on the open circle on the chart representing the preset mark you want to use.  when the info window appears, click the "Use" button. the mark will be added to the course at the next position (you can use the up/down arrows in the mark list to change the order).  To remove a mark, click the mark icon and then the "DEL" button in the info window. To reuse the mark for the course, click the "Use" button again (2nd image).


Method 2: (Note: this is also the method for drop marks or USCG marks not in the preset listi>) Use the "Add a new mark" button in the course list. This will bring up a pop-up dialog asking you to specifiy what type of mark you are adding.

If you choose "New Drop Mark" it will be added in the center of the map and then you can drag them around to the proper pos using the mouse (or finger). *** NOTE: You can also update the Lat/Lon of a drop mark using the Lat/Lon button for that mark and manually entering the coordinates

If you choose "Mark from USCG Light List" you will see a pop-up dialog where you can begin typing in the name of the USCG buoy and the system will search for possible matches (see example). You can also enter official USCG number from the light list if you know it or the coordinates, if known, to try to find a match.

If you choose "Pick from Preset Marks" you will see a pop-up list of the preset marks for your area from which you can build a course using the "Mark ID" buttons for each mark. Each time you choose a Mark , it will be added to the course list in the background. You can also select to insert a drop mark using the Drop Mark button at the top and bottom of the page. When you have finished adding marks, simply click the Close button.

The first mark entered for the course will by default be the "Start" Mark. Each mark added after that will be assumed to be a "Finish" mark. So after adding three marks, you would have a start mark, a middle mark (drop or preset) and a finish. If like in most cases, the start and finish are the same, you would add all the marks of the course and when you have added the last mark before the finish, you can click the "Dup as Finish" button next to the start mark. This will duplicate the start mark as a finish mark and close the loop.

There are also buttons to: