Refunding in Full (and optionally deleting an entry or membership)

If you need to delete a registration or membership that has been paid, you will have to refund the payment first. Here are the steps needed:
(Note: the example shown is for a membership but the process is similar for a race entry).

Go to the Members tab, then the Payments Tab (or Events Tab then Payments Tab for races).

Click the "Y" under the PAID column for the entry you are refunding / deleting. You will be shown a payment information page. Click the "REFUND THIS ITEM" button to process the refund.

Once the refund has been processed, you will be sent back to the payments tab and that entry should now show as "N" for not paid under the "PAID" column.

If you wan to delete this entry, click the "delete" link for that entry.

You will be asked to confirm the deletion on the next page. Click the Delete button to confirm.

Once the deletion is completed, you will be brought back to the Payments tab.