Refunding part of a payment

If you need to issue a partial refund for a race entry, membership or any item, please follow these steps:
(Note: the example shown is for a race entry but the process is similar for most types of payments).

Go to the Payments Tab of the event (or for memberships, passes, etc).

Click on the purchaser's name to bring up their registration page. In the "Fee Adjustment" field, enter the amount to be refunded (in the example, 20.00 ) and hit the Tab button on your keyboard.

The Submit button should change to "Issue Refund" and a note indicating that you want to refund this amount will appear:

If the amount is correct, click "Issue Refund". A confirmation dialog box will appear:

Here you can either cancel the refund or confirm. You can also optionally add a note to the payment history explaining the reason for the refund and also send the recipient an email confirming the refund with an explanation.