Sponsor Logo/Links Feature

An optional feature for events allows the organizers to include logos for event sponsors (and links to their websiteon the event information page provided by RMS.
They will also appear in smaller format on teh scratch and results pages.

PLEASE NOTE that this is an "additional charge" option. It will add to the "per-boat" fee. The amount will be displayed when you activate the feature (see below).

1) Activating the feature and adding logos:

To activate the feature, go to the Event Setup tab for your event and click the "Webiste Interaction" link. You will see a Yes/No option for the "Sponsor Logos".
Simply select Yes to turn it on or No to turn it off. Please note that the "Fee" line at the bottom of the page will change when you turn on / off this feature.

Selecting "Yes" will cause a link to appear on your Event Setup Page (see below). This will allow you to add/update/delete sponsor logos.

Initially, the sponsor logo page will show no logos. To add a sponsor logo, click the "Add Sponsor Logo" button.

Click the "Choose File" button to browse your computer for the sponsor logo image file.
NOTE: Only image files that are in .JPG or .PNG format are supported. The max file size is 400kb and all images will be resized to a max height of 150 pixels.
Once you have slected teh image file, you may optionally enter the website address for the sponsor. Please do NOT include the "http://" portion of the link.

Press Update to submit the info. You will then see a confirmation page (sample below):

Press Continue to return to the Sponsor Logo setup page. In the example below, you can see that once you have multiple logos
on file, you can use the up/down arrows next to each logo to change the display order. You can also use the "Delete" button
next to each to remove them.

The logos will appear in the order show above on the right side of your event information page (see below).