Online User Tools Feature

An optional feature for events allows the organizers to include additional useful online features for the skippers to access before and during the race. These include: online race check-in, displaying the selected course information, start times for pursuit races and Time on Time calculations for handicap races.
Any skipper with a smartphone or tablet, an internet connection and a login to the RMS system will be able to access this customized information if this feature is activated.

PLEASE NOTE that this is an "additional charge" option. It will add to the "per-boat" fee. The amount will be displayed when you activate the feature (see below).

1) Activating the feature:

To activate the feature, go to the Event Setup tab for your event and click the "Scoring" link. You will see a Yes/No option for the "Online User Tools".
Simply select Yes to turn it on or No to turn it off. Please note that the "Fee" line at the bottom of the page will change when you turn on / off this feature.

Selecting "Yes" will cause additional links to appear on the page. Here you can select if you want to use the online checkin feature and if so, how many minutes before the first gun are the skippers allowed to check in.

Selecting the User Tools feature will also cause additional links to appear on the "Next Race" tab of each registered skipper's profile. An example is hown below (handicap race):

In the example above, the "online race check-in" option has been activated for this event. This will allow a skipper to check-in via their smartphone and not have to approach the race committee on the water. The course selected by the race committee for that skipper's fleet is also displayed along with the Time on Time tool: (example shown below).

Watch a video explaining the Time on Time tool HERE