Navigating the Admin Functions

Here are some quick tips on how to add, update and delete admin accounts:

Click the "Users" tab to access the admin accounts for your organization.

There are two options for admin account and this will change how the screens look. The default option does NOT use "Tab level" permissions. This means that all admins have access to all functions within the system (example shown below):

The second option is for "Tab level" permissions which gives each organization the ability to control which functions each admin can access (see below). You will note the additional "Permissions" button next to each admin account:

Adding an admin accouunt:

Click on the "Add New Admin" button. fill in the person's name info and valid email (this will be their login username). Click "Submit".

Confirm that you wish to create this new admin account. This will create the admin account in an inactive state and send an activation request via email to the new admin. Once they have clicked on the activation link provided in the email and provided a password, the account will be active.

If, for some reason, the new admin does not get the email or has deleted it, you can resend it using the button provided on teh users page. NOTE: once the account is active, this option goes away.

Deleting an admin:

Deleting an admin is as simple as clicking on the "Delete" button next to the account, then confirming the delete on a following screen.

Setting admin permissions:

If you have "Tab level" permissions turned on, you can use the "Permissions" button next to each account to set the access level for each admin:

The permissions page consists of one group of permissions for each main tab (Events, Members, Passes, etc.) and each sublevel tab below that main tab. We have created some pre-defined permission setups that you can select using the buttons provided (Scorer Level, Check-in Level) and then you can make individual changes from there.

Under "Extra Features", you can also select this person to get the nightly activity report (via email) for this organization. This will summarize registrations for the previous 24 hours, pending payments and more. Other features will be added as time goes on.