Event Information
Finlay Cup
Sat Aug 18 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Finlay Cup Information page.

The South Shore elimination district for the Sears Cup was established by the Eastern Y.C. in 1925. The next year, Capt. Albert W. Finlay presented a perpetual trophy emblematic of this championship. The donor of the Finlay Trophy was a successful racing skipper of Massachusetts Bay 18-footers, Bar harbor 31-footers, and Class Q sloops on Boston Bay and at Marblehead for many years. 

The South Shore Junior YRA was formed for the purpose of managing the Finlay Trophy Competitions. After completion of the 1964 competition, responsibility for the Finlay Trophy was deeded from the South Shore Junior YRA to the MBSA. 

The conditions are nearly identical to Sears Cup regulations, with competition open to any recognized yacht club within a district extending from Boston along the Massachusetts Bay shore to Plymouth. Each yacht club that is a member of MBSA South to provide one C420 with crew of age 14 to 18.  A series of races will be sailed.  Spinnakers and hiking gear will be allowed.  Aside from sails, all boats must be equipped per C420 rules.  Sails must be to C420 specification, but need not be class certified.

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