Finding Events (Using the RMS Calendar)

Here are some quick tips on how to access the event information on the RMS system:

The initial way to view the RMS event Calendar is to click on the "Calendar" menu item on the RMS home page.

You will then see the default Events Calendar page. NOTE: Because RMS uses cookies to store prefernces, your initial view may differ from this.


This above example shows events from ALL regions. You can now search for specific events, clubs, race types, dates using the "Search" box. You can also sort the event list using the column headings. At the top of the calendar are other options you can use to filter the displayed events. By checking or unchecking items from the first line of options and also by selecting the different options from the second line, different combinations of events can be displayed. For example: you may want to see just Weekend events or just One Design races or perhaps races being run by a particular organization. NOTE: Social events and other non-race events can be displayed by clicking the "Yes" option next to Non-Race. You can also look back at previous year's events by changing the Season selection.
The next screen shows the "Region/Area" filter dialog:

By checking or unchecking the various region and area choices, you can view or hide events meeting those criteria:

You can reset the filters and return to the default event calendar display by clicking the "Clear all Filters" button

You can also view the available "Season's Passes" (filterable) offered by the various organizations we support and the events which they include as part of the passr. You can register for one or more of these by using the "Register" button for that pass.

If you are looking for current standings for a given season-long series, you can select the "Season Long" option and then select the "Results" button for the searies you are interested in:

There is also a "Monthly" Calendar view that shows events in a more traditional calendar mode. Races with results available will have a green "R" after them:

Clicking on the event name or clicking the "Info" button (on the list style calendar) will bring up the event information page (or to the organizers own web page for the event if it exists). This information page will have links to more event information (scratch sheet, NOR, etc), a registration link and if you have already registered, a link to your specific registration and race details (start times, etc):