Adding a Child to your account

Here are the steps to add (or remove) a child to your profile using the tools available in your RMS account:

1) If you have not done so already, login to your account: (click HERE for how-to)

2) Once you have logged in, click on the " Add" button under "Children Information:

3) Enter the child's information in the form provided and click the Submit button.

4) You will then have to enter your relation ship with this child (i.e. Parent, Legal Guardian, etc.).

6) Your personal profile screen will now show the child listed:

6a) To update a child's info, click the "View/Edit" button next to their name.

6b) To update a child's relationship, click the relationship button next to their name.

6c) To remove a child from your profile, simply click the "Remove" button next to their name.