Removing/Restoring Boats from your profile

Remove a Boat

If you find that you have old boats in your list and want to remove them, follow these steps:
Please note that this can be reversed using the Restore function discussed later in this document

1) Once you have logged in, click on the "My Boats" tab to access your boat profile screen:

2) To remove a boat from your list, click the red "REMOVE" button next to that boat entry:

3) Confirm the removal when prompted (below).

4) That boat will not show up on your boat list (nor appear in any boat selections during registrations). You will notice that a green "Restore Boats" button now appears at the top right corner of the tab. (see next section).

Restore a Boat

If you mistakenly removed a boat or just want to reactivate an old boat, follow these steps:

1) Click the green "Restore Boats" button:

2) You should see a pop-up list of inactive boats. Click the Restore button next to the one that you want to restore (Note: if you have multiple inactive boats, you will also see a button that will restore all of them at once).

3) The restored boat will now appear in your boat list.