Registering for a race

This is a step-by-step example of registering for a race using the RMS system. We will start from the event calendar and click on the "Register" button for an event. You may also be using the "Register On line" link from the event info page or a link provided by the event organizers.

If you have recently registered for an event or logged into your user profile, then chances are the system will know who you are already (via cookie) and you will skip this next step.

If not, you will be shown the search screen (next Image) where you will enter the email address of the person that is purchasing** the registration, membership, item, etc.. Even if you know that you are not in our system, we ask that you perform this initial search.
** For example: if you are a parent, guardian or friend purchasing a registration for a junior competitor, you would enter YOUR email address here, not the junior competitor. Their information will be requested in a later step. Click HERE to see a junior race registration example.


If the email address entered is not found in our system, you will see this pop-up dialog asking you to either start the search again or re-enter the same email address and create a new user record in our system

(Click HERE to see the sample "NEW USER" Registration)

If your email address is found, (and this is a race registrations) you will be shown a selection of boats (below) that the system has on file for you (if any). If the boat that you are registering is listed, simply click that button or select "Add New Boat" to register a different boat. NOTE: If you are chartering a boat or skippering a boat owned by someone else, select "Add New Boat" unless it is already in the list.

Once you've slected an existing boat record, you should then see the main registration screen (below). This screen may contain optional items (dinner tickets, etc) or fleet/division selections (ex. racing vs cruising) or discounts for association memberships (ex. US Sailing). You will most likely see a waiver at the bottom that you will have to acknowledge. Once you have made all the required selections, you can click "Submit" to complete the registration and be sent to the payment page.

Once the registration has been accepted, you will be taken to your "shopping cart" (below). In this example, we have multiple items available to be paid including the race we just entered. If you have more events to register for, you can simply click the "Continue" button and register for additional events. If you wish to pay now, you can select a payment method for these items. (We will cover each of the payment methods in examples to follow).

Optionally, you can also remove an item permanently or modify an existing registration using the red links next to each item. You can also temporarily select one or more items not to be included in your payment by unchecking the "Pay" column.

In the following example, we have selected to pay by credit card. You will simply enter your card info in the fields provided and click "Submit Payment". Once payment has been completed, you will receive an email message with the details of your purchase.

Alternately, if the organizing club offers the feature, you can opt to pay using your club membership number. Notice that only the Hospice Regatta offered this payment method so the other item was not included.

Lastly, if the option is allowed by the organizing club, you may select to pay by check or cash. In this case, your payment will not be finalized (and will stay in your cart) until the organizer receives the payment and marks it as paid. You can click the "Show Invoice" button to display and print the item details (see Invoice Sample below).

Invoice Sample

If you successfully registered for an event but did not pay with a credit card, you will notice that when you return to the event calendar, the "Register" button will have changed to a "Pay Now" button which will take you back to your cart. If the organizers of the event have marked your payment as received (or you paid via credit card), the button will say "Paid".