Registering for a Junior Regatta

This is a step-by-step example of registering for a Junior race event using the RMS system.

The fist step in registering for any event is the search screen (Image2) where you will enter the email address of the person that is purchasing** the registration, membership, item, etc. for the purpose of locating your existing information in our system. Even if you know that you are not in our system, we ask that you perform this initial search. (Note: if you have already performed this "Find Me" process, the system will skip this step).
** For example: if you are a parent, guardian or friend purchasing a registration for a junior competitor, you would enter YOUR email address here, not the junior competitor. Their information will be requested in a later step. Click HERE to see a junior race registration example.



If the email address entered is not found in our system, you will see this pop-up dialog asking you to either start the search again or re-enter the same email address and create a new user record in our system

(Click HERE to see the sample "NEW USER" Registration)



If you choose to search again and the email address is found, you will be shown a selection of "Competitor" (Child) records (Image4) that the system has on file for you (if any). These would be from previous junior race registrations that you have completed. It will also show your relationship to that competitor. If the competitor that you are registering is listed, simply click that button otherwise select "Add New Competitor" to register a different child. For this example, we will add a new competitor.


Enter the new competitor's information, if they have the same address info as the purchaser (i.e. parent), then check that option to avoid reentering the info. If the child has their own email address and you want them to receive info from the race organizers, enter it on the form (Image5) and click Submit.


The next form will ask for the boat information. If this regatta has multiple boat types (Opti, Laser, 420, etc), then will have to pick from the list of allowed boats. Otherwise it will be prefilled with the boat type for this regatta.


Some Junior regattas require that a parent or legal guardian approve any registration, approve and waivers and supply any required medical & contact info. In this case, you will be required to state your relationship to the competitor (Image7) and then confirm that:



If this regatta requires it, you will need to fill out a medical information form. The content of these vary from regatta to regatta but mos twill require Doctor contact, Insurance info and brief medical history in case any emergency arises.



Next, if required, you may need to supply one or more emergency contacts (Image9):


Finally you should get to the registration summary page(Image10). Here you may have one or more optional and/or required items to choose from (Fleets, dinner tickets, t-shirts, etc). Once you've made all the required selections, checked any required waivers and reviewed the price, you can click the Submit button to proceed to the payment screen (Image11).


Once the registration has been accepted, you will be taken to your "shopping cart" (Image11). In this example, we have a single item available to be paid (the race we just entered). If you have more competitors to register for this regatta, you can simply click the "Register Another Child" button and start a new registration. If you wish to pay now, you can select a payment method for these items. (For this example, we will cover credit card payments). Once you have entered your credit card info, click "Submit Payment".

Optionally, you can also remove an item permanently or modify an existing registration using the red links next to each item. You can also temporarily select one or more items not to be included in your payment by unchecking the "Pay" column.


Once payment has been successfully processed, you will see this screen:

You Are Done.