Viewing your shopping cart & paying

If you have unpaid items in the system, you can go to your "shopping art" at any time using the following steps:

First, the system must know who you are. On most pages, in the top right corner, you will either see a link labeled "Find Me" or you will see your name. If you do not see your name, you can click the "Find Me" (first image) link to bring up the user search page (2nd Image)

On the search screen (below) you will enter your email address.

We will assume for the purposes of this example that your email address is in the system and that you have previously purchased a registration or membership. Once your information has found, the links in the corner of the page will look like this:

To view the contents of your "shopping cart" at any time (next image), simply click on the "View Cart" link. In this example, we have multiple items available to be paid including the race we just entered. If you have more events to register for, you can simply click the "Continue" button and register for additional events. If you wish to pay now, you can select a payment method for these items. (We will cover each of the payment methods in examples to follow).

Optionally, you can also remove an item permanently or modify an existing registration using the red links next to each item. You can also temporarily select one or more items not to be included in your payment by unchecking the "Pay" column.

In the following example, we have selected to pay by credit card. You will simply enter your card info in the fields provided and click "Submit Payment". Once payment has been completed, you will receive an email message with the details of your purchase.