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Sat : Apr 22,May 6,Jun 3

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Fri Jun 02, 2023 : 17:52

Race 3 course selected


We have selected the course, Dolphin Five Short, for Race 3.  The total distance is 10.59 nm, with the possibility of shortening course, if need be.

The start times are listed on the Scratch Sheet linked HERE.

The course is linked on the event website, and is as follows (all marks left to port):
Start/A - D - U - A - J - F - A/Finish 

SYC Regatta Committee

Thu Apr 27, 2023 : 20:21

Amendment No.2 to NOR/SI has been posted

Attention all competitors,

Amendment No.2 to the NOR/SI has been issued (see below).

The published Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions has been altered to reflect this change.


Please stay well clear of the starting area before your start.  A pre-start check-in is not required for Pursuit Starts.  The requirements of SI 2.3 apply at the start.  

Also, please review the Entries list and starting times, you may have the same starting time as another boat!

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April 27, 2023


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