2023 Rally to the Crown
Welcome to the 2023 Rally to the Crown Information page.


Please visit our event website to reserve moorings, dinner and breakfast:


The Rally to the Crown is a unique distance race, intended for families with kids and
grandchildren to compete evenly with experienced racers. The race times are flexible
and self-timed. The idea is that boats can start and finish to suit their family schedules.

Our main concern has been to make this regatta fun and family-friendly. We hope that this
format will make it particularly easy for families with kids and grandchildren to participate and
become interested in coastal and offshore yacht racing.

Some elements are experimental. The self-timed starts and finishes with wide start windows is
one thing. Most important, though, is our effort to adjust for wind conditions; boats starting on
different lines and at different times of day can compete evenly. Even if it does not work out
perfectly for all boats, we are confident that a good time will be had by all.

We look forward to your post-race feedback as we refine the set-up for future events.

We'll see you at the Crown!

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