2023 BHHR/CPYC Wed Night Racing Series II
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Wed : Jul 26,Aug 2,16,23,30,Sep 6,13

(Registration Not Open)
(Registration Not Open)

Wed Sep 13, 2023 : 12:53

Race tonight wed 9-13

After spending the morning watching radar, looking at several weather reports and predictions, I am cancelling tonights race. Concensus predicts squalls between 6 and 9 PM after heavy rain from 2-4 PM. I hate having to do this on our last Wed night but thank you to all who raced this summer. There were some very close races. Hope you all wil be back next year.

Sue Hardy, RC chair

Wed Aug 30, 2023 : 12:47

Racung tonight

It appears that the weather will turn quite nice this evening so unless something vey unexpect occurs, we will race tonight.

Remember the start is now 1/2 hour earlier - Warning at 1800 hours. 


Wed Aug 30, 2023 : 10:30

Next weather update

Next weather update will come at approximately 1300 hours


Wed Aug 30, 2023 : 09:43

Weather today Aug 30

Good Morning Wed Racers

I am watching the weather today very closely. Right now Boston Harbor is socked in with fog, Perdictions have storms coming through around noon with ckearing after 3PM. But winds of 3-4 are predicted, then.  Watch for update thriughout the day today. 

Sue Hardy

Thu Aug 24, 2023 : 09:39

Update to start times beginning Aug 30

Amendment to SIs 7.2 WARNING SIGNAL

The warning signal on August 30 is amended to 18:00 hours from 18:30 hours. 

Aue Hardy, RC Chair

Wed Jul 26, 2023 : 13:15

racing 7/26

The Wed Night Race tonight will have a different signal boat. It will be a blue Eastern 24. It will fly the blue RC flag. Unfortunately our usual signal boat is has a problem and is not functional at present.

We will not have a course board but will post courses on a white board and will announce the course over the radio for each class and with a loud hailer.  All flags will be displayed on poles. 

Thank you for understanding

Sue Hardy, RO

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