2022 Classic Boat Race #2
Welcome to the 2022 Classic Boat Race #2 Information page.

The Classic Boat series are informal races, intended for traditional, full-keel sailboat designs (whether old or new) and heavy cruising boats more than 25 years old. The event is open to both non-members and members of BHYC. Skippers who do not ordinarily participate in racing activities are especially encouraged to join the fun.

Sat : Aug 13

(Registration Not Open)

Sat Aug 06, 2022

Updated NOR and SIs for August Race

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for the August 13th Classic Race have been amended to reflect the same starting time as other Saturday BHYC races.

Skippers Meeting will be at 12:00 at BHYC (come and get your start times for this pursuit start race!).

Intended First Warning is at 13:00.

Please register and get your rating sorted before Friday the 12th. Look for your base handicaps at 


Mon Jul 04, 2022

July 2 race --- Change to Start time from NOR

Notice to racers - and registrants - to sync up the skippers' meeting and start time with other BHYC weekend races, the Skippers Meeting for the second Classic Race on August 13, 2022, will be held at 12:00 (noon) in the BHYC Clubhouse. 

First signal will be scheduled for 1:00 PM in the vicinity of McKown Point.

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