2021 BHYC Regatta & Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge

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FleetLineYacht NameBoatNameSailBoat TypeRatingRaceCruDIVSail
Class BHOD    # of Entries: 9      
BHODYellow LineC Fever-Sewell, Carol55BHOD000One DesignR History
BHODYellow LineMolar Express-Clarkson, Toby Jr20BHOD000One DesignR History
BHODYellow LineCharisma-Hakanson, Eric25BHOD000One DesignR History
BHODYellow Linepacemaker-gessman, larry29BHOD000One DesignR History
BHODYellow LinePolar Express-Poler, Dwight44BHOD000One DesignR History
BHODYellow LineEight Bells-Blake, Sterling11BHOD000One DesignR History
BHODYellow LineOsprey-Clarkson, Deanna & Toby26BHOD000One DesignR History
BHODYellow LineMUMTAZ-Cagle, Nate52BHOD000One DesignR History
BHODYellow LineWildfire-Berger, Patty24BHOD000One DesignR History
Class Classic Daysailers    # of Entries: 6    NUMERAL PENNANT 6 (or White)  
Classic DaysailersYellow LineUNCAS-Newton, Jim6Buzzards Bay 182660266Classic DaySailersC History
Classic DaysailersYellow LineBESHERTE-Goldberg, Joshua7Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 182660266Classic DaySailersC History
Classic DaysailersYellow LineWindbag-Ham, Robbie & Hodgdon, Tim1Hodgdon 21238200238Classic DaySailersC History
Classic DaysailersYellow LineDelilah-Race, Charles1Great Lakes 212930293Classic DaySailersC History
Classic DaysailersYellow LineReverie-Willauer, Charlie0Watch Hill 152740274Classic DaySailersC History
Classic DaysailersYellow LineTARPON-Wilson, Nat2Herreshoff Fish Class3840384Classic DaySailersC History
Class Classics    # of Entries: 3    NUMERAL PENNANT 2 (or Green)  
ClassicsBlue LineZephyr-Wilson, Eben0S&S Sloop2050205ClassicsC History
ClassicsBlue LineMAH JONG-Ilderton, Patrick0Yawl103103127ClassicsR History
ClassicsBlue LineSTEP LIVELY-Malliet, Christopher2Gulfstream 30218218249ClassicsR History
Class Cruising    # of Entries: 11    NUMERAL PENNANT 5 (or Blue)  
CruisingYellow LineGreyhawk-Allen, Timothy30340Peterson 34138126138PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineAmie de la Mer-Burgess, Bill0Bristol 47.7144132144PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineMEME CHUM-Hamilton, Jeff70039J/46604860PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineIngalina-Andrus, Justin & McCoig, Kathryn394Sabre 34-2156150156PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineShearwater-Neidhardt, Peter20844Norlin 34 TM123117123PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineWindholm-Cochrane, charles0Bristol 41.1 Sloop126120126PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineSAPPHIRE-dunsford, jon91Alerion Xprs 28 WJ192186192PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineShadow-Anderson, Sun & Steve0Dehler 38938793PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineAmelie-McBride, Jack0Alden 50635463PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineSagitta-Seymour, Joseph260Alerion Xprs 28-2 SD177171177PHRFC History
CruisingYellow LineA Piacere-Evans, Dr. John422Pearson 422195183195PHRFC History
Class J/80    # of Entries: 7      
J/80Yellow LineGHO2T-White, Carter1534J/80120120129One DesignR History
J/80Yellow LineSeverine-Will, Kit298J/80000One DesignR History
J/80Yellow LineCommotion-Emanuel, Geoff205J/80120120126One DesignR History
J/80Yellow LineWired-Baker, Chip & Poler, Dwight808J/80000One DesignR History
J/80Yellow LineSky Rocket-Beauregard Ella4J/80000One DesignR History
J/80Yellow LineTwilight Zone-Greenwell, Jim346J/80000One DesignR History
J/80Yellow LineSilkie-Rideout, Nate270J/80000One DesignR History
Class Modern Classics    # of Entries: 1    NUMERAL PENNANT 2 (or Green)  
Modern ClassicsBlue LineTHE HAWK-Lorentzen, Oivind2020One Ton113113136Modern ClassicsR History
Class Racing 1    # of Entries: 5    NUMERAL PENNANT 3 (or Yellow)  
Racing 1Blue LineHound Dog-Parker, Matt117S2 9.1se126126138PHRFR History
Racing 1Blue LineCALIENTE-Scribner, Robert41471J/37848496PHRFR History
Racing 1Blue LineDotsy-Lloyd, Carol32327J/29117117123PHRFR History
Racing 1Blue LineRazzle-Rand, Anne83183J/27126126132PHRFR History
Racing 1Blue LineDragon Lady II-Bowditch, Robert236Viper 6409999105PHRFR History
Class Schooner Class    # of Entries: 1    NUMERAL PENNANT 4  
Schooner ClassBlue LineIsaac H. Evans-Kelley, Jessica0Gaff Rigged Schooner606Schooner ClassC History
Class Spirit of Tradition    # of Entries: 2    NUMERAL PENNANT 2 (or Green)  
Spirit of TraditionBlue LineRESTIVE-McAlpine, Robert51703ALDEN 48 CUSTOM727293Spirit of TraditionR History
Spirit of TraditionBlue LineSENSHIN-Faber, Joe2Center Harbor 31121121151Spirit of TraditionR History
Class Unique Classics    # of Entries: 2    NUMERAL PENNANT 6 (or White)  
Unique ClassicsYellow LineTwo Dogs-Carleton , Stott1Wooden gaff rigged cutter 346337346Unique ClassicsC History
Unique ClassicsYellow LineGrayling-Goldhirsch, Douglas0CATBOAT308292308Unique ClassicsC History
Class Vintage Classics    # of Entries: 6    NUMERAL PENNANT 1 (or Red)  
Vintage ClassicsBlue LineMARILEE-Colburn, Kenneth13NY 40656577Vintage ClassicsR History
Vintage ClassicsBlue LineBLACK WATCH-Joe Robillard71Sparkman & Stephens363650Vintage ClassicsR History
Vintage ClassicsBlue LineSONNY-Venter, Craig50S&S Sloop777795Vintage ClassicsR History
Vintage ClassicsBlue LineGLEAM-Andy Tyska012 Meter313141Vintage ClassicsR History
Vintage ClassicsBlue LinePOLLY-Gallant, Peter107custom8080100Vintage ClassicsR History
Vintage ClassicsBlue LineCHICANE-Armstrong , Richard 303Alfred Mylne cutter1250125Vintage ClassicsC History

Total Entries - 58

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