2024 Port Royal Yacht Club
June Cup - Women at the Helm
ClassNameYacht NameSail No.Boat TypePlacePointsRace - PlaceRace - PointsNotes
Class: Class A PHRF Buoy Rating# of Races: 4# of Entries: 4# of Starters: 4
Class A PHRF Buoy RatingAllison PrizlowHot Rum57990CF 331442114211
Class A PHRF Buoy RatingBrowne, Denny & Hope, FrancieRenegadeUSA 1009Beneteau 10r2511331133
Class A PHRF Buoy RatingZiel, CarolynAloha73384J/333733223322
Class A PHRF Buoy RatingLarue, AnastasiaExpression Session56221AExpress 37 MOD41024DNCDNC2444
Class: Class B PHRF Buoy Rating# of Races: 4# of Entries: 3# of Starters: 3
Class B PHRF Buoy RatingIsla CooperSunday Flyer302Martin 2421413121312
Class B PHRF Buoy RatingSouther, Don & Kuhn, KarenNo Way!!97850B-252531313131
Class B PHRF Buoy RatingLieser, ReeseBlue Boat97228Martin 2423622232223
Class: Non-Spin ALL# of Races: 4# of Entries: 6# of Starters: 6
Non-Spin ALLHarris, DorianOliver27432Santana 271311131113
Non-Spin ALLJett, Thomas & Ruiz, KaraBlue Haven1208Catalina 342622322232
Non-Spin ALLGriffin, LisaOasis7357Islander 363833243324
Non-Spin ALLCollum, James & McCommon, SandraSierra VistaCatalina 350412DNC5616561
Non-Spin ALLBean Martin, KellyMagic Carpet2722Catalina 3051244454445
Non-Spin ALLDuff, JoannaDown Time2014Lancer61656565656
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