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2021 Lipton Cup Regatta Juniors

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Class: 420 Championship    # of Entries: 7    
420 ChampionshipBurt, Alden & Menesale, Sara8896Hingham YCChamp
420 ChampionshipConnerly, Devon & Smith, Elinor9079Hingham YCChamp
420 ChampionshipMacNeille, William & Williams, Quinn5682Winchester Boat ClubChamp
420 ChampionshipBennett, Connor & McDonough, Ted9339San Francisco YCChamp
420 Championshipbokulich , Julian & townsend , frank 6684Squantum YCChamp
420 ChampionshipHickey, Bridget6296Pleon YCChamp
420 ChampionshipConnolly, Miranda6296Pleon YCChamp
Class: 420 Green    # of Entries: 9    
420 GreenKowalczuk, Tommy & McCarthy, Jeremiah7735Winchester Boat ClubGreen
420 GreenEno, Juliette & Shoffner, Max5627Winchester Boat ClubGreen
420 GreenRomano, Dean Jr. & Romano, Zachary1727Cottage Park YCGreen
420 GreenCurtis, Rhett & Procops, Meredith7733Winchester Boat ClubGreen
420 GreenAndre , Tristan & Jones, Calla8012Squantum YCGreen
420 GreenEmerick, Aiden & Russo, Nick7736Winchester Boat ClubGreen
420 GreenGrossfeld, Zoe & Troy, Fiona1Squantum YCGreen
420 GreenGillooly, Lauren & Jones, Ava923Squantum YCGreen
420 Greenkearney, allanah5Wessagussett YCGreen
Class: Laser Radial    # of Entries: 4    
Laser RadialKearney, Niall189769Eastern YCNone
Laser RadialRegnault, Nicolas0Pleon YCNone
Laser RadialEdwards-Krause, Elijah175108Pleon YCNone
Laser RadialEno, Marguerite199787Pleon YCNone
Class: N10-Single    # of Entries: 2    
N10-SingleConroy, Matthew0Medford Boat ClubNone
N10-SingleMclaughlin, Sophie13Wessagussett YCNone
Class: Opti Championship    # of Entries: 7    
Opti ChampionshipQuezada, Cleveland21112Hull YCBlue
Opti ChampionshipEldredge, Mason9181Squantum YCBlue
Opti ChampionshipCody, Jack4607Squantum YCBlue
Opti ChampionshipKirk , Gavin 8021Squantum YCWhite
Opti ChampionshipGoethert, Minna15846Mantoloking YCWhite
Opti ChampionshipKilroe, Stellan5335Hull YCWhite
Opti ChampionshipHickey III, David19140Cottage Park YCWhite
Class: Opti Green    # of Entries: 13    
Opti GreenO'Connor, Thomas4043Hull YCGreen
Opti GreenO'Connor, William4400Hull YCGreen
Opti Greenrobles , Alex 9221Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenEldredge , Caroline 4596Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenKirk , Rory 134Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenKiley, David17069Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenRobles , Ann13324Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenIwasaki, Kana7206Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenPalmesano, Max100313Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenAndre, Amelia14143Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenGoethert, Gunnar17298Mantoloking YCGreen
Opti GreenCasey , Jeremiah 5471Squantum YCGreen
Opti GreenBlake, Ashton4011Wessagussett YCGreen

Total Entries - 43 Total Competitors - 56

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