Race Entries
2021 HC Fall Race Days
ClassBoatSailSkipperClubBoat TypeBoatRatingRaceDivisionSail
Class Classic NS    # of Entries: 3      
Classic NSJackRabbit 230849Boos, Elaine & Hero, GeorgeSouthern YCJ/30One Design0.5720.591ClassicNS History
Classic NSKoala48Lambou, LouisNew Orleans YCEasterly 30-0.4780.496ClassicNS History
Classic NSRangler10459Allen, TommySouthern YCRanger 29-0.5220.543ClassicNS History
Class Classic Spin    # of Entries: 5      
Classic SpinTigi Too52303Hugel, Dieter OtherNewport 41-2 MK-II-0.8020.802ClassicSpin History
Classic SpinTIARE2616Provensal, BillSouthern YCCal 48-0.8650.865ClassicSpin History
Classic SpinHot Chocolate360Grimm, Casey & DebbySYCJ/30One Design0.7890.789ClassicSpin History
Classic SpinJudicious28BORNE, ALLENSouthern YCEricson 33-0.7910.791ClassicSpin History
Classic SpinLady Gray48Hughes, BobSouthern YCBeneteau 49-0.8940.894ClassicSpin History
Class Open A    # of Entries: 6      
Open ASIERRA363Kyle WildSouthern YCMelges 24One Design0.6260.626OpenSpin History
Open APrivateer14Kuttel, FrancoisSouthern YCCape 31-0.7090.709OpenSpin History
Open ADansoux544Meade, John AldenSouthern YCMelges 24One Design0.6260.626OpenSpin History
Open ATRIPLE D's735Leblanc, J DwightSouthern YCMelges 24One Design0.6260.626OpenSpin History
Open ARevolution360Sonnier, ScottSouthern YCMelges 24--OpenSpin History
Open ANOYC 313108Steinkamp, DaleNew Orleans YCViper 640One Design0.6260.626OpenSpin History
Class Open B    # of Entries: 6      
Open BWind Shift96Gooch, AlSouthern YCJ/27One Design0.5910.591OpenSpin History
Open BShastah53491Harris, DanSouthern YCJ/27One Design0.5910.591OpenSpin History
Open BOut Flow40Vallette, NormanSouthern YCJ/100-0.6240.624OpenSpin History
Open BAlegre511Wilson, MerlinSouthern YCJ/27Non-OD0.5670.567OpenSpin History
Open BLittle Joe31Sullivan, DanSouthern YCJ/92s-0.6510.651OpenSpin History
Open BWizard663Carpenter, AlbertSouthern YCJ/22--OpenSpin History

Total Entries - 20

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