Race Entries
2023 HC Spring Race Days
FleetYacht NameSailNameBoat TypeBoatIR#RaceSailDivisionHist
Class: Classic N/S Rating Type:MOSTLY LW   # of Entries: 4    
Classic N/SKoala48Lambou, LouisEasterly 30-681.8NSClassic N/S History
Classic N/SRed Boat30348Maag, TomTartan 33-634.7NSClassic N/S History
Classic N/SMALIBU 2665Breaux, KennethCATALINA 36-634.8NSClassic N/S History
Classic N/SPompano11495Holman, AndrewEasterly 30-678.0NSClassic N/S History
Class: Classic Spin Rating Type:MOSTLY LW   # of Entries: 6    
Classic SpinTIARE2616Provensal, BillCal 48-542.1SpinClassic History
Classic SpinSeduisant97Bowser, KyleBeneteau 36.7 SD-560.9SpinClassic History
Classic SpinHot Chocolate360Grimm, Casey & DebbyJ/30One Design600.1SpinClassic History
Classic SpinSazerac2211Wink , KennethCatalina 36 TM WK-601.3SpinClassic History
Classic SpinMadam J12241Junius Jr, Ralph WJ/122-497.4SpinClassic History
Classic SpinJudicious28Borne, AllenEricson 33-595.5SpinClassic History
Class: Open A Rating Type:W50/L50   # of Entries: 9    
Open ARevolution360Sonnier, ScottMelges 24One Design694.1SpinOpen History
Open APrivateer776Kuttel, Francois & Muller, DavidMelges 24One Design694.1SpinOpen History
Open AZydeco74JohnnyLovell, BurtBenrudJ/111Non-OD sails624.7SpinOpen History
Open AZig-Zag420Wynne, BrianMelges 24One Design694.1SpinOpen History
Open AGreat EscapeUSA1007Aschaffenburg, EricSYNERGY 1000-650.5SpinOpen History
Open ADEFIANCE46410Bancroft, Ryan & Johnson, JeremiahB-32-641.9SpinOpen History
Open ADansoux544Meade, John AldenMelges 24One Design694.1SpinOpen History
Open ASIERRA363Herman Sr, Cal & Wild, KyleMelges 24-694.1SpinOpen History
Open AZeta009Dovie, DougX-Treme 25-690.2SpinOpen History
Class: Open B Rating Type:W50/L50   # of Entries: 7    
Open BAlegre511Wilson, MerlinJ/27Non-OD731.1SpinOpen History
Open BWind Shift96Charbonnet, Michael & Gooch, Al &Gooch JackJ/27One Design718.0SpinOpen History
Open BBad Alice546Molony, TimothyJ/70Non-OD sails734.2SpinOpen History
Open BShastah53491Harris, DanJ/27One Design718.0SpinOpen History
Open BLittle Joe31Sullivan, DanJ/92s-677.6SpinOpen History
Open BDemitasse41909Kottler, RobertJ/27Non-OD730.8SpinOpen History
Open BOut Flow40Vallette, NormanJ/100-674.8SpinOpen History

Total Entries - 26

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