2022 BHHR/CPYC Wed Night Racing Series I
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Wed : May 25,Jun 1,15,22,29,Jul 6,13

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(Registration Not Open)

Thu Jul 14, 2022

Last Night's Course

Good Morning Wed Racers

Last night the course for A was meant to be a starboard triangle twice around. Apparently thrre was some confusion as the RC did not post X for the other end of the starting line. We are at fault for that as we were not at one of the marks on our course chart. This has not been a problem in the past.  One boat did sail the proper course. That being said the twice around would never apply to going between A and L two times.

The purpose of doing a twice around course is two-fold. First to give a longer race if the wind direction  has not cooperated or 2nd to be able to shorten course if the wind dies. 

I am not sure how to rectify last night with out punising some for sailing the correct course or rewarding some for sailing the wrong course. There was a difference of approimately 1.5 miles between the correct and incorrect corses.  All finish times are posted. 

Going foward the race committee would like to request that boats not check in by radio during a sequesnce or when we are setting anchor. To that purpose we will flu a L flag to indicate open check in time. 

Thank you all for coming out Wed nights. It has been a lot of fn t watch. Remember next Wed is Rumble II

Sue Hardy PRO


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