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Sun : Aug 15, 2021
CPYC JFK Regatta


Wed Jul 21, 2021

Tonight’s race

Yea we are going to race tonight

Wed Jul 21, 2021

Racing tonight

It's Wed and that means constantly watching the weather. So far it looks as if the worst of the strong weather will be south of us and we should be quiet. However I will continue to watch the radar. Stay tuned to channel 72 for updates . At 6 will reevaluate whether it is a go, postponement or cancellation. 

Wed Jul 07, 2021

Tonight’s race

Tonight's race is cancelled   There is a strong storm around Framingham that should hit here at approx 7. 
sue hardy

Wed Jul 07, 2021


We are going into a hold until 6:30 when there will be another update

sue hardy

Wed Jul 07, 2021


Wed Jun 30, 2021

Racing Cancelled for tonight

Out of abundance of caution, the 3:20 National Weather forcast for severe stors warning till 10PM tonight, I am cancelling tonight's race. Future cast shows our race area i the thick of weather at 6:30 PM. 

Wed Jun 30, 2021

Wednesday June 30 Race

6-30-2021  9: 10 AM

Good Morning All

I will be watching the weather forcasts very closely today as strong storms with heavy rain and lightening are predicted for later today and this evening.  I will let everyone know about tonight's race in time to keep you ashore if it looks as if the weather is going to be bad.

Sue Hardy, RC Chair

Wed May 26, 2021

Wed May 26th Race

The wind is blowing 19 with gust to 24 here at 3:15 pm and very gusty.  Wind alert predicts the wind gust to increase to the high 20's by race time. Just watched Tim Kelly's weather report and he feels storm could arrive by 7 PM though Wind alert predicts later. I have heard from a couple of boats that they will not be making it tonight.

Therefore I am canceling the race tonight as I feel that is the prudent thing to do and I promised that I would let all know by 4PM.


Sue Hardy, CPYC RC Chair

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