2023 Cottage Park Yacht Club
CPYC Youth Regatta to Benefit Make A Wish
DivisionFleetNameClubSail No.PlacePointsRace - PointsNotes
Class: 420 Champ # of Races: 7 # of Entries: 13 # of Starters: 13
Champ420 ChampKohn, Caleb & Russell, DoryCommunity Boating68181142414412---
Champ420 ChampFrady, Leah & Naylor, GraceHull YC90512177131149---
Champ420 ChampMarnik, Ashton & Valayannopoulos, Luna Community Boating68103278592291---
Champ420 ChampAndre, Tristan & van Veen, LindenSquantum YC143161053836---
Champ420 ChampFerrara, Paul & Rey, LucasCottage Park YC172853336810583---
Champ420 ChampKohn, Elio & Nguyen, TimCommunity BoatingCBI61634182711125---
Champ420 ChampManzione, Nathan & Sinagra , JackMedford Boat Club673811765668---
Champ420 ChampKourafas, William & Romano, Dean Jr.Squantum YC80128459246121312---
Champ420 ChampMcCarey, Lyla & Oosten, HaydenCottage Park YC173294651111117210---
Champ420 ChampDrummond, Clara & Ernst, HeidiWinchester Boat Club922710464141414374---
Champ420 ChampShoffner, Max & von Mering, MadisonWinchester Boat Club922611481337913511---
Champ420 ChampEforo, Nektar & Irizarry, SophiaMedford Boat Club512531091089107---
Champ420 ChampDorr, Charlie & Palmer, Nate-9225136912121212101114---
Class: 420 Green # of Races: 7 # of Entries: 6 # of Starters: 6
Green420 GreenConroy, Matthew & Sinagra , William Medford Boat Club1193111231---
Green420 GreenDeng, Abbie & Goodrich, EdwardNahant Sailing Program55672112222612---
Green420 GreenHerdt, Makayla & MacKenzie, RickyWinthrop YC41293131333124---
Green420 GreenSchuemann, Julie & Van Grouw , Gregory Nahant Sailing Program335434265656343---
Green420 GreenBellomo, Francesco & Cody, JackSquantum YC63025274445556---
Green420 GreenGithinji, Abby & Marenghi, GiulianaWinthrop YC24146306564465---
Class: Laser # of Races: 8 # of Entries: 4 # of Starters: 4
NoneLaserCurtis, CaidenWinthrop YC17007111031222111--
NoneLaserMcEvoy, TeddyWinthrop YC18437421312113233--
NoneLaserMcCarthy, JeremiahPleon YC19045631623331422--
NoneLaserGarg, JasperWinthrop YC15431742744444344--
Class: N10 Championship # of Races: 6 # of Entries: 3 # of Starters: 3
ChampN10 ChampionshipBeattie , Matthew & Beattie, WilliamCottage Park YC415117212121----
ChampN10 ChampionshipReynolds, Brynn & Reynolds, OliverWinchester Boat Club402827121212----
ChampN10 ChampionshipDUROCHER, BIANCA & Mahoney , CiaraWinthrop YC3530315343333----
Class: Opti Championship # of Races: 6 # of Entries: 14 # of Starters: 13
WhiteOpti ChampionshipKossmann, BriggsDuxbury Bay Maritime147415211111----
BlueOpti ChampionshipPoulos, JonnyWinthrop YC20604214522523----
BlueOpti ChampionshipReynolds, WyattWinchester Boat Club60793201344118----
BlueOpti ChampionshipMorrissey , JamesWinthrop YC164174234461072----
BlueOpti ChampionshipHarty, OwenCottage Park YC13919523759335----
WhiteOpti ChampionshipReardon, BrendanHingham YC198846263108249----
BlueOpti ChampionshipFerrara, LolaCottage Park YC17299731867657----
BlueOpti ChampionshipMcEvoy, LeoWinthrop YC127008329737610----
BlueOpti ChampionshipDougherty, GavinCottage Park YC999993861351386----
BlueOpti ChampionshipLawton , Samantha Cottage Park YC746810461391111114----
BlueOpti Championshipcarson, stellaCottage Park YC1354011501181291111----
BlueOpti ChampionshipAndre, AmeliaSquantum YC14143125010111081115----
BlueOpti ChampionshipCasey , Jeremiah Squantum YC54711359121213121015----
WhiteOpti ChampionshipIsgrig, SamuelHingham YC19996DNC75151515151515----
Class: Opti Green # of Races: 6 # of Entries: 22 # of Starters: 22
GreenOpti GreenO’Dwyer, RonanWinthrop YC93715111112----
GreenOpti GreenReynolds, SawyerWinchester Boat Club155322228254133----
GreenOpti GreenD'Ambrosio, ElainaWinthrop YC2094932732382131----
GreenOpti GreenEldredge , Caroline Squantum YC46071427767529----
GreenOpti Greencarson, romanCottage Park YC6696535432231313----
GreenOpti GreenAgri, Matteo Cottage Park YC1351563664148135----
GreenOpti GreenDarmetko, LukeHull YC1439373627911137----
GreenOpti GreenBayersdorfer, LilyAnnCottage Park YC13541838175106134----
GreenOpti GreenMahoney, CormacWinthrop YC7918940513391310----
GreenOpti GreenCouture, LanaSquantum YC102511046159631316----
GreenOpti GreenPerry, RobertMedford Boat Club1157711501423413136----
GreenOpti GreenDam, JonathanNahant Sailing Program813125611121371315----
GreenOpti GreenMcKeever, LiamWinchester Boat Club15988135791412121311----
GreenOpti GreenCroatti, IanWinchester Boat Club146914146313815141319----
GreenOpti GreenYarramsetti, RithvikSquantum YC0041568101916101323----
GreenOpti GreenSanchez, MauricioSquantum YC91801669191111161318----
GreenOpti GreenNarala, ShradhaSquantum YC31177316172119138----
GreenOpti GreenMurphy, EthanWinchester Boat Club129781874181018151323----
GreenOpti GreenO'Brien, ColinCottage Park YC3541974121517181317----
GreenOpti GreenNalen, QuinnCottage Park YCCPYC-22077201619171312----
GreenOpti GreenBeuoy, StephenCottage Park YC82191212023231314----
GreenOpti GreenIlie, Alexandru Winthrop YC35892291221820201320----
Class: RS Feva # of Races: 8 # of Entries: 4 # of Starters: 4
NoneRS FevaConnolly, Brianna & Howell, AddisonCottage Park YC666411132221112--
NoneRS FevaMunson, Owen & Sacco, SethCottage Park YC661721121112223--
NoneRS FevaChapman, Claire & Hatch, LouiseCottage Park YC666831813343431--
NoneRS FevaMcDonagh, Orlaith & McDonagh, SaoirseCottage Park YC666642644434344--
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