Demographic Data Import Policy

Regatta Management Solutions (RMS),Regatta Management Solutions (RMS) may request that new Organizing Authorities (OA’s) supply demographic data on their skippers and boats. This data needs to include some sensitive data including email address in order to be useful. The purpose of this request is to simplify the sign up process by removing the need for the skipper to retype this data into the RMS system. This is done by pre-importing supplied demographic data into our database. This can save the skippers more than 50% of the registration process time and effort.

Pursuant to our overall Terms and Conditions:

  • RMS will never provide this data to any 3rd parties without express permission from the OA.
  • RMS will not send emails or other solicitations to the end user other than those authored by the OA.

It should be noted that if the OA declines to take advantages gained by suppling this data upfront, eventually as skipper use our registration tools RMS will have the same data. We will treat it with the same level of protection outlined in our Terms and Conditions.