2021 Seguin Island Trophy Race
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The Seguin Island Race 2021 is back as a one day event in a pursuit race format.  There will be two divisions (big boat & small boat).

Sat : Jul 17

(Registration Not Open)

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Update from the Race Committee

Dear Competitors,


1.  Due to an increase in registrations in a wide array of vessel sizes, we have decided to split the fleet into three divisions.  We will be modifying the awards accordingly.   

2.  Division 1 will still start at 11:00 AM, Division 2 will start at 12:00 PM, and Division 3 will start at either 12:30 PM or 1:00 PM.  The final decision on Division 3 start time will be reflected in the scratch sheet which will be emailed and posted per the notice of race (Saturday, 0900).

3.  Notice to all competitors, we are adding a sixth course option, Course F,  Griffith Head Ledge (GR N) to port.  This change will reflected in the scratch sheet.


Thank you

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