2022 Annual Round Southport Race
Welcome to the 2022 Annual Round Southport Race Information page.

This fun race between BHYC sailors and the Southport Yacht Club was resurrected in 2011 when the original trophy, a black garbage pail, was located. While we can no longer race through the Townsend Gut, this race does go around most of the island. The ‘Round Southport race is a fun race for boats of all sizes, often drawing 20 or more boats. The race is a 9.55 nm Pursuit Race; there is a cruising class and a racing class. All racers are welcome. The top three finishing boats from BHYC and SYC will determine the club that wins the coveted Trash Can Trophy.

Sun : Jul 10

(Registration Not Open)

Sun Jul 10, 2022

And ... It's a Tie

Congratulations to all racers! It was a great race today with a great showing from both BHYC, SYC, and some unaffiliated friends. 

In the end, the top three finishers from each club were tied with a total score of 9.

For Southport:

1) Ranier

3) Wired

5) Muskrat

For Boothbay Harbor:

2) Gho2t

3) Wired - yes, BHYC and SYC (Commodore) member registered under both clubs!

4) Must Be Luff

 Next year, we write tie-breaker rules into the Sailing Instructions! 

Email Contact:

Sat Jul 09, 2022

Scratch Sheet / Starting Times (Please check your ratings)

The SIs and scratch sheet with starting times are both available on the 'Round Southport Event website,

The "Entries" link on the top of the Event website will take you to the scratch sheet with the start times. Hint - online, if you toggle on the "Around Southport" column, it will show the starting order. 

Please review your ratings and let the Race Committee know if your sail configuration / rating needs to be flipped between Cruising & Racing or vice versa.  Email BHYC PC Liz Rettenmaier at

The start times for this pursuit start race are based on a 11:05 start (warning at 11:00), following the five minute sequence in RRS 26.  If we have to postpone, we will plan to do so in 10 minute increments to keep the math easy. We'll set the start around McKown Point; the RC Signal vessel will be our Dyer '29, Frolic (the one at anchor flying a RC flag). 

Please also note the Marks of the Course and Areas that are Obstructions in the SIs (page 2) -- these are for your safety!

We'll continue to monitor entries to ensure everyone has a starting time and look forward to seeing you on the water. Twenty-five boats are registered and it looks like a beautiful, but light wind, day.

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