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 DaterowDateDayWhenRegionDistOrganizerEvent NamePass
➕ Jan 11TueDayMBSA-S5,259.59Constit. YCJack Roberts Memorial NYD Race PUR resultsInfoResults
➕ Jan 132SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCJ/70 Class West Coast Winter Series - Race #2YOD j70resultsInfoResults
➕ Jan 203SunEveSCYA7,825.4172California YCFrostbite MR #2 Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Feb 024SatEveMBSA5,248.52Hing Bay RacingHingham Bay Racing - Awards Dinner Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Feb 065WedEveMBSA5,259.59Constit. YCGraves Light Restoration Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Feb 9,106Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCSCYA MidWinters OD j70resultsInfoResults
➕ Feb 177SunDayGYA6,075.3430Gulf Coast ORRezCSA FEB 17 ORR-Ez HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Feb 178SunDayGYA6,075.3430Gulf Coast ORRezCSA FEB 17 PHRF PUR pastInfoReg Closed
➕ Feb 23,249Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCHarken #1 Optimist Spring Regatta Jr resultsInfoResults
➕ Mar 0610WedEveMBSA5,259.59Constit. YCSailing as a Management Exercise Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Mar 13...11WedEveALL0.0327Offshore RANOYC - WED SERIES 1 ORR-Ez Shadow Score HCP regopenInfoReg Closed
➕ Mar 16,1712Sat,SunDayALL0.0327Offshore RA2019 NOYC MARDI GRAS - ORR-Ez SHADOW SCORING HCP resultsInfoResults
➕ Mar 1713SunEveSCYA7,825.4172California YCFrostbite MR#3 Soc pastInfoRSVP Closed
➕ Mar 22...14Fri,...DaySCYA7,825.4172California YCLaser Midwinters West OD resultsInfoResults
➕ Mar 24...15SunDayALL0.0466SE Florida ORRezHISC - SPRING SERIES HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Mar 30...16Sat,...DayGYA6,224.9484Southern YCHC Spring Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Apr 0317WedEveMBSA5,259.59Constit. YCA Rising Tide Lifts All Boats, But What About Rising Seas? Soc regopenInfoRSVP
➕ Apr 718SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCHarris Spring Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Apr 1819ThuEveSCYA7,825.4172California YCMatch Racing Playoffs Soc regopenInfoRSVP
➕ May 120WedEveCBYRA5,495.3328Mid-Atlantic ORRezRock Creek Wednesday Nights HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 121WedEveCBYRA5,495.3328Mid-Atlantic ORRezMagothy River SA Wednesday Nights HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 122WedEveCBYRA5,495.3328Mid-Atlantic ORRezLewes Del Wed & Sun Series HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 123WedEveCBYRA5,495.3328Mid-Atlantic ORRezOARS - OXFORD MD HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 124WedEveCBYRA5,495.3328Mid-Atlantic ORRezESSA - CAMBRIDGE HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 125WedEveCBYRA5,495.3328Mid-Atlantic ORRezHHSA - WEDNESDAY SERIES HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 126WedEveCBYRA5,479.0357St. Michaels Wed RacingMiles River Wednesday Nights HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 127WedEveCBYRA5,495.3328Mid-Atlantic ORRezPCRC - WEST RIVER - WED SERIES HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 4,...28Sat,...DayALL0.0327Offshore RAORR-Ez CHESAPEAKE CHAMPIONSHIP HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 1829SatDayALL0.0327Offshore RASCC/GIYS REGATTA - ORR-Ez SHADOW SCORING HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ May 23...30ThuEveGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCPYC Thursday Night Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 1,231Sat,SunDaySCYA7,825.4172California YCCal Race Week HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 832SatDayCBYRA0.0451Potapskut Sailing AssoicationPSA Moonlight Regatta HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jun 933SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCSummerset RegattaYHCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jun 1534SatDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCPilot Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 15...35Sat,SunDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCYC Summer Series HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jun 1636SunOvrNtALL0.0327Offshore RACape May Challenge Cup HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jun 18...37TueEveGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCRYC Tuesday Night Series HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jun 2238SatDayGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCRockland Yacht Club Solstice Race HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jun 3039SunDayMBSA-N5,251.244Marblehead YCClemson Chase Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 440ThuDayGMORA-W5,239.671Portland YCSchooner Trophy Race HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 1441SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCMidsummer Ocean RaceYHCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jul 18,1942Thu,FriDayMBSA-S5,250.21Hull YCJunior Scorpion Bowl Jr futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jul 20,2143Sat,SunDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCamden Invitational Regatta HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 26,2744Fri,SatDayGMORA-P5,192.780Lyman Morse & CYCCamden Classics Cup HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 2745SatEveMBSA5,243.214Eastern Point YCMass Fallen Heroes Soc regopenInfoRSVP
➕ Jul 2746SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCRound the Salvages Pursuit Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Jul 27,2847Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,255.851Squantum YCLipton Cup Regatta Seniors HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jul 27,2848Sat,SunDayMBSA-S5,255.851Squantum YCLipton Cup Regatta Juniors Jr futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jul 27,2849Sat,SunDayGMORA-B5,214.378Boothbay Harbor YC45th Annual BHYC Regatta HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Jul 2850SunDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCMass Fallen Heroes PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 251FriOvrNtMBSA-N5,251.244Marblehead YCDowneast Challenge HCP regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 452SunDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCGloucester Ocean Pursuit Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 1053SatDayMBSA5,259.141Courageous SCFlip Flop Regatta PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 2554SunDayGMORA-P5,192.679Camden YCCamden Yacht Club Solo Challange PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Aug 3155SatDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCScooner Festival Pursuit Race  PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 156SunDayMBSA-N5,243.214Eastern Point YCBobbie Veltman Memorial Pursuit Race PUR regopenInfoRegister
➕ Sep 1457SatOvrNtGMORA-P5,192.974Rockland YCMaine Rocks Race HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Sep 2958SunDayMBSA-N5,250.43Corinthian YCMarblehead Chowder CupYHCP futureInfoReg Not Open
➕ Oct 559SatDayCBYRA0.0451Potapskut Sailing AssoicationPSA Race to Rock Hall HCP futureInfoReg Not Open
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